Best Garden Art Projects —Including Free Instructions!

Best Garden Art Projects

  • These are the best/most popular garden art projects on Empress of Dirt.
  • All of these projects make use of recycled or repurposed household items such as plates, lamp globes, kitchen utensils, and old tools. Turn your junk into art! You can upcycle anything that can withstand the weather. Glass and metal items work very well.
  • And the good news is, you can make all of these items for under $20 (excluding the cost of tools).
  • Making garden art is easy. There are printable instructions and details on each page below or you can get them all together in my new eBook, Empress of Dirt Garden Art & Ideas.

Best garden art projects - with free instructions at

Free Garden Art Instructions

  1. Stone Birdhouse | Easy project using a prefab birdhouse as the base.
  2. Decorative Garden Balls | A classic addition to any garden for anyone who loves glass garden art. Bling!
  3. Tipsy Pots | How the heck are these made? The secret of the tipsy pot revealed.
  4. Garden Tool Art | Old tools take on new lives with these clever pieces. See creative uses for old rakes, hammers, shovels, rebar, and more.
  5. Glass Garden Totems | Use old glassware to make beautiful garden totems. Materials include vases, jars, bowls, plates, cups, votive candle holders, and more.
  6. Glassware Garden Flowers | Old dishes, a drill or adhesive and you can make all sorts of garden flowers.
  7. Beaded Watering Can | Turn that old watering can into a work of art.
  8. Dragon Fly | Old ceiling fan blades become dragon fly wings on a table leg body.
  9. Mirrors In The Garden  | How to safely use mirrors in the garden.
  10. Colander Chandelier | These repurposed kitchen colanders bring bling to the garden year round.
  11. Stencilled Lawnmower | You get a cute mower that no one will want to steal – bonus!
  12. Stencilled Wheelbarrow| Don’t forget the wheelbarrow. It deserves to be cute too.
  13. 19 Projects With Glass Gems | Use up those old flat marbles (glass gems) and get your bling on.

OR You can get all of these projects together in my eBook, Empress of Dirt Garden Art & Ideas.


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  1. kathy arndt says

    I have been working with glass for about 7 years and it is so much fun to see what others are doing in the garden. Thank you!

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