Dawn’s Colourful Tea Time Chandelier

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Make a teacup chandelier

Dawn, who is an Empress of Dirt Facebook friend, shared this photo of a teapot and teacup chandelier she made. It’s actually a working chandelier that will go in someone’s kitchen. It would look great outdoors as well.

To Make A Chandelier Like This

  • You’ll need an old chandelier to use as the base.
  • Pick paints suitable for the various surfaces and paint everything before you assemble it. Spray paints work very well on metals and many ceramics.
  • Holes are drilled in the cups and saucers to fit them around the lightbulb holders.
  • The hanging chain is threaded through a hole in the base of the teapot.
  • Alternately, if you don’t want a working chandelier, you could simply attach the cups and saucers together with a good silicone adhesive instead of drilling holes in them.


  • Before you commit to using particular dishes, you may want to test out how easy they are to drill.
  • Some ceramics are very stubborn and it will take ages  (hours) to drill holes in them, some will break (boo), and others drill quite readily (within minutes with the right drill bit). You just have to test them out.

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Thanks, Dawn, for sharing your lovely creation.


There’s a whole gallery of projects readers have shared here. Enjoy!

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