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Favourite Tools, Products, & Resources

Inside My Bag of Tricks I test out a lot of products, and when I find something I love that really works, I recommend it. These are my favourite…

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DIY Projects With Power Tools

These DIY projects require the use of common power tools. It varies by project but the most common ones used are an electric drill and saws. Some of…

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DIY Garden Art without Power Tools

DIY Projects Without Power Tools

These are projects you can make without using any workshop power tools. Some may suggest the use of a power drill, but can be made without…

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Garden Art Making Tools and Supplies at empressofdirt.net

Best Garden Art Supplies

These are supplies I use over and over again when creating garden art projects. You can see each item at Amazon.com through my affiliate…

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Empress of Dirt on eBay

These are my posts on eBay where I collaborate as a blogger: How to make a suitcase fairy garden How to make gorgeous garden…

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Handmade Mouse 600 E

Creative Sewing & Fiber Art Projects

Creative Sewing & Fiber Art Projects My favourite fiber arts including sewing, quilting, toy-making, and knitting (with an antique sock knitting…

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44 Beginner Garden Tips and Ideas | Empressofdirt.net

Beginner Garden Tips and Ideas

Getting Started As A Gardener What's the best way to get started in gardening? Dig in and learn as you go. Try stuff out. Watch, learn, grow. I…

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9+ DIY Succulent Garden Ideas

Popular Posts

Popular Posts These are some of the top, popular posts on Empress of Dirt. They cover a wide variety of topics but just about every one is…

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Birds & Wildlife

One of the greatest benefits of gardening is the birds and other wildlife that come along with it. Birds in particular are some of my favourite…

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Home DIY Projects

Index of home craft & DIY projects Here's a whole bunch of creative and frugal craft and DIY projects for the home. Want to get the newest…

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50 Home and Garden DIY Projects at empressofdirt.net

Home & Garden DIY Projects

50+ Home & Garden DIY Projects All of my projects are frugal and pretty simple to make. The good news is, I have no particular skills or talents…

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Poppies close up

Garden Tips

Everything you need to know: indoor and outdoor seed starting, winter gardening, seed saving, vegetable growing, perennial garden planning, and…

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30 home garden tours ideas

Garden Tours

I encourage all new gardeners to go on local garden tours. It's a great way to get ideas and see what works in your area. There's plenty more…

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Garden Ideas

These are the ideas that make a garden wonderful: garden art and junk from repurposed items, potting benches, decorative garden balls, metal yard…

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Nature & Wildlife

Forget the flowers and trees and balmy days. It's the birds and wildlife that make gardening truly the best way to spend your time. There's…

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Gardening Tips, Projects, and Tours

Gardening Tips, Projects, and Tours It's so much more than learning plant names or weeding! Creative gardening is a huge part of my life. Here I…

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Debt-free Living tips at empressofdirt.net

Debt-Free Living

Debt-free living and financial management are favourite topics of mine. It's never too late late to turn things around and live…

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How I learned to run at middle age (and you can too)

Healthy Living

Ideas and encouragement to steer your ship toward healthier choices. You can see all of the healthy living posts…

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Make something wonderful: 20+ DIY Projects by empressofdirt.net/diy-projects

DIY Garden Projects

Want to make something wonderful? Here's 20+ DIY projects using repurposed and upcycled household items. They're inexpensive and easy to…

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You want it all? Here you go! Everything on Empress of Dirt is here. Have fun! If you prefer, also see Posts by…

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Home Ideas: Crafts, Recipes, Money, Organization, Health

We live a debt-free live so you can be sure that every idea here is frugal. These are the topics covered: Crafts &…

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Grow A Garden

Gardening posts including growing perennials, annuals, fruit bushes and trees, and vegetables (year round). There's plenty more tips on…

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Starting a new garden (part 1)

Tour My Garden

Here's some virtual tours of my gardens The virtual garden tours from 2010 and older are from my old garden (and first garden) which I worked on…

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DIY Garden Balls

Garden Art Ideas

Here's a whole bunch of garden art ideas (some with full instructions/tutorials) to give you ideas for projects in your garden. There's lots…

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62 DIY Garden Art Projects using repurposed and recycled materials

Garden Art Projects

Easy Garden Art Projects Using Recycled Materials These Garden Art Projects are all easy, fairly quick, cheap (inexpensive) projects using…

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How to make a little pond

Garden Ponds

A whole bunch of home garden pond ideas, designs, plus care tips in summer and winter. You can see all of the pond and water feature ideas…

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Melody Johnson Home Garden Tour

Home Garden Tours

These are some of the home garden tours I have attended. I show as many photos and descriptions as possible so you can get ideas for your own garden…

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37 Creative Gardening Idea Galleries at empressofdirt.net

Home & Garden Idea Galleries

Collections of creative and frugal home and garden ideas I visit gardens whenever I can—small, home gardens created on modest budgets are my…

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