Garden Art Made From Old Tools

You’re going to love this gallery of garden art made from old tools. I love an artist that can see a rusty, old hammer or saw and dream up such wonderful characters.

Also, since I originally wrote this post, I’ve created a second gallery: Garden Tool Art Animal Gallery where you can see some really funny crows and more.

Garden Junk Tool Art Creatures

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Garden tool art made to look like animals and other creatures has probably been around as long as there have been rusty, old tools. I’ve got a Gallery of Rusty Garden Art here.

While many of these creations would require welding, you could also find clever ways to attach parts with wire.

Plus, there are many skilled welders around who may take on extra hobby work like this. Bring them your old tools and design idea and let them put it together.

If you are thinking of making garden art projects from tools, start collecting old hand tools such as rakes, shovels, hoes, clippers, hammers, saws, wrenches, hand drills, and so on. I look for anything with a wooden handle and metal parts.

Here’s a listing of all of the DIY garden art projects on this site.

It’s Time To Bring Out Your Inner Tool Art Animal

These garden junk/art pieces were made from old metal tool parts. I photographed them at a garden centre. I’ve labelled the photos so you can see what each one is comprised of.

Garden junk tool art creatures

As you’ll see, most of them do not require any metal cutting but to aseemble them, you will have to make friends with a welding torch or find someone willing to put your assembled pieces together.

First up is Mr. Hammer Head. Here’s what he’s made from:

Garden junk tool art creatures
His base is the handle of an old garden tool. Bury the other end in the ground, and ta-da!–you’ve got a great addition to the garden.

This one is a different type of bird known as the Rake Tail:

Garden junk tool art creatures

Here’s another use for old garden tools: garden trellis!

Here’s his parts list:
Garden junk tool art creatures

I love how this one looks happy:
Garden junk tool art creatures

Hedge clippers form the smiling mouth:
Garden junk tool art creatures
This one has a bent shovel pipe forming his beak. I can think of several old tools I’ve bent out of shape that could be made into tool creatures:
Garden junk tool art creatures

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Is it just me or do these guys start seeming like real animals? Ok, maybe it’s just me….
Garden junk tool art creatures
Here’s a top view. I think it’s time to rescue old tools from the trash!
Garden junk tool art creatures
Helpful ideas for making your own old tool animals

1. You don’t have to make animals like these ones. See what old metal parts you can find and come up with something unique to those parts. And think outside the box: you could make robots, giant flowers, spell out words to hang on the fence, symbols, faces…

2. Possible tool sources:

  • your garage
  • garbage picking
  • ask friends or neighbors for their old tools
  • auctions, thrift shops, discount shops selling crappy tools

3. Make friends with a welder or learn to do it yourself
Owning the right torch for the job might be the only thing standing between you and some fantastic garden art. Imagine all the stuff you can make if you can weld metal: tool critters, trellises, arbors…. Some towns still have blacksmiths or auto shops that will do welding for you.

Or, support a local artist and buy some tool critters ready made.  Or, check Etsy. Either way, it’s a good thing.

How About Some Junk Art Dogs To Guard Your Garden?

Garden Junk Art Dogs
You can see them here – and don’t worrry: they don’t bite…much.


  1. Mindy L. says

    I LOVE these guys (gals…..animals….things….) what are the clawed feet made of and what is a Rebar? And where would I find one? Thanks! :-)

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