Garden Art Projects

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Easy Garden Art Projects Using Recycled Materials

62 DIY Garden Art Projects using repurposed and recycled materials

These Garden Art Projects are all easy, fairly quick, cheap (inexpensive) projects using household items. Recycled garden art is a great way to give new life to items that might otherwise end up in the landfill. Whether you are new to DIY or have some experience, there are lots of ideas here.

You can also view these projects based on whether or not you want to use power tools (electric drill and saw).

DIY Projects WITHOUT Power Tools  |  DIY Projects with Power Tools

Garden Art Making Tools and Supplies at

Best Garden Art Supplies

These are supplies I use over and over again when creating garden art projects. You can see each item at through my affiliate…

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DIY Use-What-You-Have Sparkling Garden Orb

Repurposed Garden Art Idea What is that giant ball of light in the garden?  It's my free version of a lighted grapevine ball. I also have…

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20 Garden Art Projects & Gift Ideas

20 Garden Art Projects & Gift Ideas

Want Ideas For Homemade Garden Art Gifts? Here's 20 garden art ideas and projects with free instructions. Make some for your own garden or give them…

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Rustic fall decor on shed |

Rustic Fall Shed Makeover

Decorating A Shed With Old Junk After finally painting the vinyl siding on my garden shed this summer, it has become a bit of a happy obsession.…

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Make A Window Greenhouse—Part 4

This is continued from Make A Window Greenhouse - Paint & Decorate The Windows (Part 3) Assembling A Window Greenhouse Some links on this…

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How to paint rocks

How To Paint Garden Art Rocks And Stones

Some links on this site are affiliate links. I also work as a blogger at eBay and link to my posts there. Opinions are entirely my own.  Rock Your…

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Make A Window Greenhouse—Part 3

This is continued from Make A Window Greenhouse—Building The Frame (Part 2) Painting & Decorating A Window Greenhouse Some links on…

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Make A Window Greenhouse—Part 2

This is continued from Make A Window Greenhouse—Build A Table Base (Part 1) Framing A Window Greenhouse Now that the table base for the…

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Make A Window Greenhouse—Part 1

At last! I finally made my little window greenhouse. I found the windows on the side of the road quite a while ago and they have been occupying…

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7 Creative DIY Plant Tag Ideas

Here's some creative ideas for DIY plant tags and markers Please visit the links for further details and DIY instructions. 1. Chalkboard Plant…

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DIY Kitchen Utensil Garden Art Flowers

DIY Kitchen Utensil Garden Art Flowers

This project uses garden art flowers made from old plates and dishes, kitchen utensils, and a few other supplies. For instructions on how to make…

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How to create gorgeous garden containers

How To Make Gorgeous Garden Containers

Do you love whimsical, eye-popping, vibrant pots of flowers? Forget store-bought containers! I've gathered up some some simple tips so you can turn…

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Fairy Garden In A Suitcase Tutorial

New Project Plus Some News... I love this combination of vintage meets fairy garden. I created this suitcase fairy garden not only because I thought…

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DIY Outdoor Wall Planter

DIY Outdoor Plant Shelf

Outdoor plant shelves are a great way to spruce up a plain fence or exterior wall. I saw all sorts of variations of these shelves on garden tours…

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Earth Day Projects for kids of all ages #earthdayprojects

Earth Day Projects: Recycled Crafts For Kids Of All Ages

Every day has the postive intentions of Earth Day when you decide to create your art from recycled items. Our world is filled with old stuff just…

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Watering can garden art project with printable

Easy Project: Watering Can Garden Art With Printable

Dear Your Royal Highness, I would like to make stencilled garden containers but I'm really not crafty and kind of a klutz. If I could make garden…

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DIY Bird Bath Ideas: Burlap, Twine, And The Kitchen Drawer

Use this one idea to create unique bird baths and garden art totems Here's the idea: create bird baths and garden totems with clear glass  or…

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DIY Golf Ball Lady Buggie

DIY Golf Ball Garden Buggies: A Recycled Craft Project

Dear Melissa, I teach elementary school and we've just been given 700 old golf balls. Can you give me an Earth Day golf ball craft idea for the…

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Most Popular Creative Garden Projects

Top 10 DIY Projects For The Home & Garden

It was a stellar year for this little blog. Exactly a year ago, I shared a an image on Pinterest that changed everything, generating over 185,000…

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Cardinal Cafe garden art sign with decorations

DIY Garden Sign Tutorial {Cardinal Cafe}

This DIY garden sign was made entirely from items found around the house. I've listed complete instructions below. I had nick-named our garden The…

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More garden art projects under $20 hosted by

12 More Garden Art Projects Under $20

These projects were created by: Amanda - Crafts By Amanda Barb C. - Second Chance To Dream Barb R. - Our Fairfield Home & Garden Jacki…

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12 Garden Art Projects Under $20 hosted by

12 Garden Art Projects Under $20

12 Garden Art Projects You Can Make For Under $20 Each These projects were created by: Amanda - Crafts By Amanda Barb C. - Second Chance To…

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Earth-Wise Owls: A Recycled Craft Project

DIY Owls Made From Cardboard Boxes I first found this project in a magazine article when I was around 7 years old (a long time ago!) when owls were…

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Losing your marbles? Six tips to be sure things stick | Garden art ideas at

Tips To Be Sure Things Stick: Using GE Silicone II Sealant For Garden Art Projects

I get a lot of emails from people having trouble making the flat marbles or other decorations on their garden art projects stick or adhere, so I've…

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Gnome creates miniature garden

Gnome Starts Miniature Garden

The Secret Life Of A Garden Gnome My garden gnome never looked quite right in my garden until I made some garden art toadstools / mushrooms and he…

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Ironing Board Woman Garden Art Project

Ironing Board Woman Garden Art Project

This wonderful ironing board woman garden art piece was made by Louise Y. who is a friend of Empress of Dirt on Facebook. You start with an…

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Turn a grape vine wreath into a garden art bird nest

Grape Vine Wreath Becomes Garden Art Bird Nest

DIY Garden Art Bird Nest This giant bird nest is an easy, repurposed garden art project. I got the idea when I noticed a rock in my…

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12 Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Projects Under $20

Turn What You Have Into Garden Art What happens when you ask gardening friends for some frugal garden project ideas? You get an avalanche of fun,…

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DIY Faux Sea Life Projects

Make Your Own Sea Life! Faux Seashells, Coral, Driftwood, and More!

I saw this wonderful roundup of faux sea life DIY projects by Laura of  The Shed By Pet Scribbles and just had to share it with you (with her…

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How to make tin can garden art

Tin Can Garden Art. Robots, People, & Pets!

Save Your Cans And Turn Them Into Garden Art Tin can garden art repurposes all sorts of used household items and turns them into fun garden…

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How to make garden art toadstools

How To Make Garden Art Toadstools

Toadstools are one of the first types of garden art I remember seeing as a child. These ones are really easy to make and a suitable project to do…

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Garden Art Ball DIY Tutorial

DIY Decorative Garden Ball Tutorial

Easy Way To Make A Classic Garden Garden Globe Decoration Decorative garden balls (also called 'garden spheres' or 'glass garden globes') are an…

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DIY Glass Gem Craft Ideas

Glass Gem Garden Art & Craft Ideas *19 Projects*

There are so many crafts you can make with glass gems (flat marbles) for the home, garden, or fashion accessories (I'm not kidding). If you like…

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DIY Garden Art without Power Tools

Creative Upcycled DIY Garden Projects Without Power Tools

Here's A Whole Bunch Of DIY Garden Projects You Can Make Without Using Any Power Tools I have nothing against power tools but sometimes you either…

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DIY Tin Can Flowers

DIY Flowers From Tin Soda Pop Beer Cans

Photo Sources and Resources These are some favourite tin can flowers found online. If you simply want to buy something like this, check out the…

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How to make tin can garden art

Tin Can Garden Art DIY

Want To Make Some Tin Can Garden Art? Hang onto old food tins or cans, kitchen gadgets, and old tools, and you can make garden art people, animals,…

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Frog Prince Garden Art DIY

How To Make A Garden Frog Prince

Make A Frog Prince A friend saw a garden art frog prince during a garden tour and asked me to make one. She didn't have a photo, so all I had to go…

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How to make garden treasure jars

How To Make Garden Treasure Jars. Easy Kid Craft.

Easy Garden Art Project I started making these garden treasure jars when my kids were little and they wanted to make their own garden art. Made…

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Empress of Dirt Garden Art & Ideas (Book One) now available

My New eBook: Empress Of Dirt Garden Art & Ideas

Empress of Dirt Garden Art & Ideas (Book One) by Melissa J. Will [102 pages, PDF ebook] - All you need is Adobe Reader on your device and you…

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Garden Art & Ideas eBook

Announcing My New Book. Empress of Dirt Garden Art & Ideas (Book One).

After a few months of creative labour, I'm very happy to announce my new book, Empress of Dirt Garden Art & Ideas (Book One), is now…

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How To Make Glass Garden Totems and Bird Baths

Easy Garden Art Project Glass garden totems are a great beginner garden art project. All you need is some used glass dishes, plates, vases, and…

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Best Garden Art Projects —Including Free Instructions!

Best Garden Art Projects These are the best/most popular garden art projects on Empress of Dirt. All of these projects make use of recycled or…

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Teacup Totem

Teacups In the Garden: A Garden Art Project and Secret

Teacups In the Garden Teacups are ideal choices for making garden art projects because there are so many of them sitting on thrift store shelves…

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How To Make A Dragonfly | Garden Art DIY

How To Make A Garden Art Dragonfly. As Opposed to Making a Dragon Fly.

There's only one rule for making garden art dragonflies: no two can be the same—even if you want them to be! With a few easy-to-find household…

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How to make flowers from dishes and plates

How To Make Glass Garden Art Flowers. And Drill Through Glass.

Glass Garden Flowers Glass garden art flowers are made from used or recycled glass and metal dishes, plates, cups, pickle dishes and more. They are…

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Delphinium Wannabes

Use Blue Glass and Bottles As Delphiniums

While waiting for my delphinium seedlings to grow, I'm filling in the space with delphinium wannabes. Like stand-ins for a Broadway play. The…

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Simple idea for sprawling plants

El-Cheapo Plant Support Idea

Do you know what the number one export from the United States is? Garbage! While a majority of that garbage is scrap paper and metal, it is…

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How To Make Tipsy Pots

How To Make Tipsy Pots

Tipsy Pots: How To Make A Plant Tower Tipsy pots (also called topsy turvy pots or plant towers) seem like a gravity-defying optical illusion when…

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How to make a stone birdhouse

How To Make A Stone Birdhouse

Birdhouse Ideas Here's an idea for a decorative birdhouse that you can keep in the garden all year round. You can recycle an old birdhouse and add…

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Candle Holder Hose Guard

Cheap and Pretty Hose Guards

Hose guards are used to keep garden hoses and electric lawn mower power cords from being pulled across garden beds and wrecking plants. These are two…

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Stencilled Lawnmower

Stencil Your Lawnmower. Then no one will steal it.

After painting and stencilling my rusty, orange wheelbarrow, it seemed only right that I give my lawnmower the same treatment. I didn't get a before…

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Using mirrors in the garden

Using Mirrors In The Garden

Mirrors can add wonderful interest and depth to a garden but they have to be placed thoughtfully to ensure they are safe for the birds. Also,…

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Stencilled Wheelbarrow After

Stencil A Wheelbarrow. Because You Can.

Is it time to give your wheelbarrow a lift? What kind of crazy person stencils their wheelbarrow? Um, me. Old faithful was getting rusty so I…

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Watering Can Garden Art

Galvanized Watering Can Garden Art & Fountains

This post is under renovation while I'm creating a new project. Here's an easy garden art project   Watering can garden art…

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Garden Chandelier Parts

Make A Garden Chandelier. Bring Bling To The Garden.

Garden Chandelier My garden chandelier was one of the first garden art projects I made for my garden, and it's still one of my favourites. Using a…

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DIY garden art ball tutorial

Decorative Garden Ball Ideas And Instructions

Easy, Inexpensive, Repurposed Garden Art Garden art balls (spheres, globes) can be made from various repurposed items such as old bowling balls and…

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Garden Tool Creature

Garden Art Made From Old Tools

Garden tool art made to look like animals and other creatures has probably been around as long as there have been rusty, old tools. I've got a…

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62 DIY Garden Art Projects using repurposed and recycled materials

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