DIY Garden Sign Tutorial {Cardinal Cafe}

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Cardinal Cafe DIY garden sign project

This DIY garden sign was made entirely from items found around the house. I’ve listed complete instructions below. I had nick-named our garden The Cardinal Cafe after watching masses of birds appear each time I put out fresh food, so I thought it was time to put a sign up and make it official!

The secret ingredient for the lettering is a roll of pre-twisted rush (used for making rush seats). You can see it here on Amazon. I cut it to form the letters and attached it with upholstery tacks.

Supplies for DIY Garden sign project


  • Wood board (I used an old piece of pine barn board)
  • Pre-twisted rush (see it on Amazon)
  • (50) Upholstery tacs (black upholstery tacks on Amazon) – you may need more or less depending on which words you choose
  • Cardinal decoration
  • Twigs for the bird nest
  • (8) Cup hooks (see them on Amazon)
  • Garden decor – little watering can, doll-size garden bench, bird house, snowflakes, suet feeder. You may want eye hooks for hanging them on the cup hooks.
  • (2) 1/2 inch wood screws (attached to back of sign for hanging) and picture wire
  • (3) 1 inch wood screws (for hanging on fence)
  • (4) nails (for holding the bird nest twigs in place)


  • Scissors (for cutting rush)
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil, measuring tape
  • Level

Make a garden sign - free tutorial


After gathering your materials, the hardest part is deciding what you want the sign to say!

1. Pencil your saying on the wood. I used uppercase letters so there were minimal curves. Leave room for any decorations you want to attach (like the cardinal). If you make a mistake, just erase the pencil and start over.

DIY garden sign project - free tutorial

2. Cut out the rush using your pencilled letters as a measuring template.

3. Attach the rush using upholstery tacs.

Make a garden sign - Cardinal Cafe

4. Attach the decorations. I used an upholstery tack to attach the cardinal. And tacks and nails to form a little twig nest.

Cardinal Cafe - DIY garden sign

5. There’s lots of ways to hang the sign. I used picture wire and two screws on the back.
TIP: I used 3 screws (each 6″ apart) on the fence to keep the sign from shifting around. Use a level to mark where you want them.

6. Attach cup hooks to the bottom of the sign. I put a bunch so I can hang a variety of garden trinkets throughout the seasons.

Make a decorative garden sign - free tutorial

7. Add garden trinkets. Right now I have a little watering can, a doll-size twig bench, a bird house, snowflakes, and a fresh batch of “unsuet suet”.

Healthy bird treat - free recipe

I make this bird treat from peanut butter, shelled peanuts, and birdseed (see how to make it here - it’s fast and easy and the birds LOVE it). Truthfully, it’s the peanut butter that attracts the birds from miles around. It’s amazing how that scent travels!

Free tutorial - make a garden art sign - Cardinal Cafe

I’ll be changing my sign decorations as the seasons go. I’m thinking about adding another little sign from the cup hooks saying “All you can tweet”. We’ll see.

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DIY Cardinal Cafe Garden Sign

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  1. Desiree Harding says

    This is absolutely perfect timing, Melissa. I have been wanting to try my hand at making a sign for our little cottage in Greyton, South Africa. Other than knowing I wanted it to be rustic and using found items, I wasn’t sure how yo go about it. You have given me some great inspiration with your gorgeous sign. Thank you so much!

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