How To Make A Little Pond Waterfall

It’s easy to make a little waterfall for a pond or water feature using some old junk and a pond pump. Here I will show you how I used an old coal burner fireplace, and a few other items to make this water feature over my small backyard pond.

I like this setup because it’s easy to access, I can change it when I want something new, and best of all, the fish love playing in the falling water.

Repurposed pond waterfall

Adding a little waterfall to a pond can be quite simple. I like to be able to change my pond around and easily access the pump, so a setup like this works really well. With a few repurposed items, your waterfall will be ready to go.
How to make a really simple waterfall for a small garden pond.

What You’ll Need

1. Pick something to be the waterfall focal point. I used an antique coal burner that’s been sitting in my garden for years. This is entirely for decoration: it doesn’t control the waterfall although it probably helps keep the paint tray in place.
2. Waterfall tray. I used a clean, metal paint roller tray. Bend down the lip of the tray where the water will fall back into the pond.
3. Pond pump with enough hose to reach from the pump to the paint tray. Check your pump information to make sure it can carry water that height and distance.
4. Rocks to hold the pump hose securely in place.

Repurposed pond waterfall

The sound of the waterfall seems to attract more birds. Sometimes I have lineups of them waiting for their turn to bathe. Plus, the fish love to play in the falling water.

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Repurposed pond waterfall

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  1. Debbie says

    What a unique idea, Melissa! I love the old coal burner, and the kettle on top. I’ve just got regular rocks forming our waterfall, and a preformed waterfall on the smaller pond. Might have to look at changing that one this year…never have liked it. And we certainly have enough junk around here!
    Debbie :)

  2. Jacqueline McLaughlin says

    Ive been looking everywhere for a simple explanation on how to add a waterfall to my small garden pond,and now ive found one,thankyou,and how lovely you pond looks,so happy to find you!

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