DIY Flowers From Tin Soda Pop Beer Cans

DIY Tin Can Flowers

Photo Sources and Resources

These are some favourite tin can flowers found online. If you simply want to buy something like this, check out the shops below. If you want to make your own, some of the sources listed have instructions, and you can certainly get inspiration from all of them.
1. Marilyn (Flowers12) – See more images of beer can flowers on this discussion thread.
2. Custom Created Etsy Shop “Decor designed with you in mind.”
3. Includes how-to information.
4. Soda can DIY hair clip tutorial.
5. (site no longer active) Home furnishings and gifts – shop.
6. Custom Created Etsy Shop “Decor designed with you in mind.”
7. See more images of the flower.

Tips On How To Make Flowers From Tin Cans

Some product links go to my affiliate account at I always recommend you look for used supplies at thrift shops and yard sales first.


Think of how many cans are thrown out each day! Some go to recycling but a lot still goes to landfill. All that metal going to waste. There are many things you can make from old cans including these garden art flowers.

  • Pick cans that have thin (easy to cut) metal such as pop, soda, or beer cans.
  • Tools: tin snips, protective work gloves, needle-nose pliers (for curling leaves/petals).
  • Paint: spray paint or outdoor paint suitable for metals. This project is ideal for using up leftover paints.
  • Layers: layer several tin can flowers together to give the effect of petals.
  • Punch a hole through the center of the flower to attach flower to wood dowel (stem).
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