12 Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Projects Under $20

Turn What You Have Into Garden Art

What happens when you ask gardening friends for some frugal garden project ideas? You get an avalanche of fun, smart ideas! And the good news is: you make any of these projects for under $20 – and in many cases, depending on the supplies you have on hand, they could be free.
Creative garden art projects under $20

I think there’s a mutual agreement between gardeners who love garden art and garden junk that innovation and adaptation are essential. Never go into a project wanting it to be just like someone else’s, but instead, take the idea and adapt it with the junk you have on hand. That’s what will make your creations truly unique and your garden art green.

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12 Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Projects Under $20

Ideas here include fun decor items: birdhouse, bird baths, totems, a tiered planter, and more. You’ll also get gift ideas for projects with lavender, and making mosquito-repelling homemade citronella candles, which would be welcome at any evening get-together on the patio.

And don’t throw out those hideously uncomfortable panty-hose. You’ll need them for a gorgeous succulent wreath.

Project Instructions – Visit Each Site For Instructions And How-Tos

1. Give charm to an old box with chalk paint –by Heather – New House, New Home, New Life

Heather used homemade chalk paint and a cute label to bring this old wooden box back to life. See how to make chalk paint in the book Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More.

Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Art Projects: Old box chalk paint makeover

2. Make a stone birdhouse – by Melissa – Empress of Dirt

Stone birdhouses like these ones can be quite expensive to buy, but you can make your own for under $20 and customize the design to suit your own style.

12 Creative and Frugal Garden Art Projects Under $20 | Stone Birdhouse

3. Teacup bird feeder – by Melissa – Empress of Dirt

There are so many ways to use tea cups in the garden. This project combines a teacup bird feeder with a repurposed glass totem.

12 Creative and Frugal Garden Art Projects Under $20 | Teacup Totem

4. How to make citronella candles – by Stephanie – Garden Therapy

Make citronella patio candles or pick another scent including eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, or oregano!

Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Art Projects: Make your own citronella candles and keep the mosquitoes away

5. Panty hose succulent wreath – by Jacki – Drought Smart Plants

Liberate your panty-hose and make yourself a succulent wreath.

Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Art Projects: You won't believe what hold this succulent wreath together!

6. Watering can fountain – by Judy – Magic Touch And Her Gardens

Judy put this fountain together using things she had on hand – so the cost was nothing but the result is great. These instructions will show you  how to make a waterfall or fountain feature.

Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Art Projects: Watering can fountain

7. Flower pot chair – by Karin – Lebensart im Markgräflerland

Karin’s project is easy-peasy: this old chair is just the right size to hold the old pot of plants. Her blog is in German (just use the translate button or add one to your browser) but her specialty requires no translation -delicious recipes ideas using food fresh from the garden.

Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Art Projects: Old chair is the perfect garden pot holder

8. Framed lobelia plant – by Carlene – Organized Clutter

How beautiful is this? Carlene will show you how she made this wonderful garden art with a frame and a pot of flowers.

Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Art Projects: Lobelia becomes a show stopper in a hanging frame

9. Make your own birdbath – by Barb – Our Fairfield Home and Garden

This easy project that creates a great focal point – see how Barb made this birdbath – and do snoop around her site – her garden is creative and beautiful.

Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Art Projects: DIY garden art birdbath

10. Lavender gift giving ideas – by Lynne – Sensible Gardening 

Lynne has some great ideas for using lavender in various projects. Smells good to me!

Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Art Projects: Gift ideas to make from lavender

11. Flea Market Glass Garden Totem –by Sue and Jeanne – Flea Market Gardening 

Hop on over to Flea Market Gardening to see how easy it is to make your own birdbath from glassware. And if you love great garden junk, I may never see you again!

Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Art Projects: Make a birdbath from old dishware

12. Staggered planter for instant curb appeal – by Carol – The Gardening Cook

Does the front of your home need a something-something to make it stand out? See how Carol made this staggered planter for instant curb appeal. You can see how to make tipsy pots here.

Creative and Frugal DIY Garden Art Projects: Make this layered planter for instant curb appeal

I hope you’ve found some ideas you can use in your garden. There’s lots more free garden art project ideas here. Enjoy!

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12 Garden Art Projects Under $20


  1. Judy White says

    I love numbers 8 and 12!! The picture frame idea is genius!The house numbers are essential and this adds flare as well.

  2. Karen says

    Your website is so much fun to browse thru and get ideas. Since it’s still winter, I’m already getting supplies together to start some of the garden projects you have shown. Fun, fun, fun. Thanks for making winter exciting.

  3. Julie Fodera says

    I would like to follow you because you have a cute site but also because that Empress of Dirt is just the cutest thing EVER!!! nice going Melissa!

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