Decorative Garden Ball Ideas And Instructions

Easy, Inexpensive, Repurposed Garden Art

Garden art balls (spheres, globes) can be made from various repurposed items such as old bowling balls and glass lamp globes. There are free instructions here.
Decorative garden balls tutorial
You can cover a garden ball in anything that has a flat surface for adhesion and can withstand the weather.

Ideas For Materials

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You could also paint the globe or bowling ball or decoupage it.

Want to make some? Free instructions for making Garden Art Balls.

Here’s a listing of all of the DIY garden art projects on this site.

Garden Art Ball Ideas 

Garden art ball ideas and free tutorial

Empress of Dirt Facebook friend Karen Weigert Enos makes all sorts of wonderful garden art balls with very striking colour choices.

Garden art ball ideas and free tutorial

This garden art ball has flat-bottom marbles (glass gems) on a lamp globe. The base is actually an old lamp from the 1970s.

Garden art ball ideas and free tutorial

Rootbeer Float
Here’s another garden ball by Karen Weigert Enos, dubbed ‘Rootbeer Float’. Perfect name!

Garden art ball ideas and free tutorial

Empress of Dirt Facebook friend Louise is great at trying new garden art ideas. Here she has attached wine bottle corks to a garden sphere.

Garden art ball ideas and free tutorial

Decoupage Garden Ball
Empress of Dirt Facebook friend Pam used clippings from magazines to create this decoupaged garden ball. You can use regular Mod Podge to attach the pieces (and then weather protect them with polyurethane spray), or simply use outdoor Mod Podge.

Want to make some? Free instructions for making Garden Art Balls and a gallery of decorative garden ball ideas.

Want More?

The best garden art projects (with complete instructions) from this site are now available in my new eBook: Empress of Dirt Garden Art & Ideas.


  1. Tisa says

    I have made some gazing ball’s with glass and my grout has been cracking after setting in the hot sun. is there a way i can fix that? or make it stop or is there something i’m not doing right? is there outside grout that i should be using? i have been using tile grout. oh do you have a pattern for a rooster made out of graden tools? I have some laying around my garage and i want to use them up.

  2. Barbara says

    When you use bowling balls how do you glue the flat bottomed marbles over the finger holes? Aren’t the finger holes bigger than the marbles?

  3. Paula says

    I just ran across your incredible work on Pinterest. LOVE EVERTYTHING. I don’t know where to start! Thanks for adding another hundred or so more ideas to my already scattered “gotta make something now” brain! I’m so excited & am on my way to my favorite thrift store today! My garden will be STUNNING with BLING this summer! Thank you!!!!

  4. Nita says

    Just had a great idea, go to dollar Tree and get the little solar lights and add to inside of the jars for a pretty night time enjoyment of them.

  5. Rachel Little says

    I’m wondering what you do with the hole in a globe light? I really want to do the penny one for my Dad’s garden.

    • michelle says

      ive seen people put concrete inside the globe then let it cure, put the globe inside a trash bag and break the globe off of the concrete, gently so not to crack the concrete. then decorate it how u wish. the flat side where the globe hole used to be will be the base it rest on.

  6. Erica says

    Just found your site and bought your e book for garden art. I must say I love it, I feel inspired to start some of the creating that my soul needs to do to keep sane.
    Thanks again
    PS you have the perfect approach to gardening and decorating the garden in my humble opinion, I also love the whimsy created by using unconventional items and repurposing them, I hope to get there someday.
    Guelph Ontario

  7. Mitch says

    Hi! found a post about this DIY on facebook, have followed several links trying to answer my burning question: early on in post, something was said about filling playground balls with spray foam and sand. HOW does one get said sand in playground play? haven’t seen THAT covered anywhere in this tutorial/DIY. please help? thanks for any ideas.

  8. emily powell says

  9. Harriette says

    I made a garden ball for my yard using water repellant freeze resistant silicone to glue half marbles to a plastic light cover. When it dried, I put an outdoor/ sand grout in between the marbles. It is beautiful. BUT, after sitting in the hot sun, in one of my flower beds, for several weeks, the marbles and grout are starting to break away. Should I have done something else to protect the ball or should the ball sit in the shade of a bush or tree?

    • says

      Hi Hariette, I’m guessing the grout is the problem. Unless it’s totally water resistant, moisture will get in it and expand and contract, popping the marbles off. (I never grout my garden balls.)

  10. Julie says

    Do you use a sealant over the marbles after you use the silicone glue on it to protect it from the outdoors?

  11. Silvia says

    Love you’re Webside, My Bowling balls are black and dark green, I have clear different color of marbles, I glued some of the stones on it but the black is coming thrue and not showing the beautiful colores of the marbles. How is the best way to cover the ball to give it that umph

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