How To Make A Garden Art Dragonfly. As Opposed to Making a Dragon Fly.

How To Make A Dragonfly | Garden Art DIY

There’s only one rule for making garden art dragonflies: no two can be the same—even if you want them to be! With a few easy-to-find household items and a screwdriver, you can make your own dragonfly. The supplies for this one cost around $7.

How To Make A Dragonfly | Garden Art DIY

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Anatomy Of A Dragonfly

  • Body: Wooden table leg.
  • Wings: Ceiling fan blades.
  • Antennae: Any thick wire that will bend and stay in position. I found mine in the electrical section of the thrift store.
  • Eyes: I used sunglasses with flat-bottom marbles glued on. Drawer knobs or metal egg cups would also look good.
  • Details: I added two pastry cutters (to echo the wings) and a kitchen fork (like a tongue).
  • Embellishments: Flat-bottom marbles, costume jewelry, glitter, kitchen utensils—anything goes.
  • Paint: Any spray paint or wood paint and polyurethane.

How To Make A Dragonfly | Garden Art DIY


Painting and Assembly

Display Ideas

  • Hang on a fence or house wall using picture hanging hardware.
  • Suspend from a tree branch with chain or wire.

How To Make A Dragonfly | Garden Art DIYHow To Make A Dragonfly | Garden Art DIYDragonfly Back Closeup


  1. says

    I have to say that your ideas are so awesome….such easy projects and at little or no cost….can’t imagine why my silly brain didn’t come up with these ideas…I am glad that you did though…thanks a lot for having great ideas…

  2. Meghan Collins says

    I just saw this and have all the makings! Thank you for a wonderful idea. I used the temples of the sunglasses I cut off for antenna :)

  3. Angie says

    I absolutely Love this idea but about the ceiling fan wings; if these are supposed to be “outside” aren’t you supposed to spray paint them with a “sealant” in order to keep them from warping? I’ve had an “inside” ceiling fan Outside before & the /blades warped within weeks… Polyurethane is highly recommended for an extensive stay of the Dragonfly.

    • says

      Hi Angie,

      You can certainly seal outdoor projects. I’m actually fond of a weathered look so I tend not to. In the case of the dragonfly, I happened to use spray paint that had protection built in. How well the blades endure the weather will depend on how they’re made and the paint/sealants used.

  4. Jerriann Burgess says

    Hi. I love tthis idea. I’ve had a difficult year and a half. Divorced my husband and I bought myself dragonfly earrings because dragonflies represent “freedom”.
    Peace & love
    Jerriann ♡

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