Tin Can Garden Art DIY

Want To Make Some Tin Can Garden Art?

Hang onto old food tins or cans, kitchen gadgets, and old tools, and you can make garden art people, animals, and robots from these recycled or repurposed parts. Tin Can Garden Art ideas and instructions will show you what you need to know to get started.

How to make tin can garden art

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If you have access to a lot of cans, think about making a giant robot or snake. Smaller food cans work well for details like hands and feet, shoes, or caps.

The cans can be painted or left to develop outdoor patina —your choice.

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You could also create an entire scene with a couple and their tin can dog or kids. Have fun with it and make use of what you have on hand. It’s those unexpected touches that will make your project unique.

I’ve provided free instructions for tin can garden art here.
Tin Can Garden Art Ideas & Tutorial
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Tin cans have lots of other uses in the garden as well—use them as plant containers, create lanterns, birdhouses, totems, and more.


  1. Nancy Blue Moon says

    I have been collecting things needed to make garden art from your e-book..Now I have to save food cans too..but what fun it will be when I start making them!! Thanks Melissa!

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