How To Make Garden Art Toadstools

Toadstools are one of the first types of garden art I remember seeing as a child. These ones are really easy to make and a suitable project to do with kids. Once you’ve got a few toadstools to set the scene, an entire gnome or fairy world can begin. There are more fun recycled Earth Day craft projects here.

I’ll show you how I made these ones from wooden salad bowls plus share the funny story of how I came to own the gnome that started it all.

Creating items like toadstools, fairy homes, and minature gardens can be a great way to encourage kids to spend more time in the garden as they play in new imaginative worlds outdoors.

How to make garden art toadstools

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How The Gnome Found Me

Garden Gnome

Everyone has their own garden kitsch-ometer and garden gnomes have long set mine off. But one day a few years ago everything changed when the garden gnome you see here came looking for me.

I was walking my daughter home from school in a wind storm. We could barely see where we were going with so much dust blowing everywhere. All of a sudden I hear this clunky-clunk sound and I see this little thing quickly rolling down the street toward us.


The garden gnome lands right at my feet.

We’re in an area with no houses around. I had no idea where he came from. But at this point we were anxious to get out of the storm. I picked up the gnome and off we ran to the safety of home.

And that’s how this kitschy little man became my garden mascot.

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How To Make Garden Art Toadstools

How to make garden art toadstools

I love a project like this one because it repurposes household items, requires no special equipment or tools, and kids can definitely help.

I’ve gone for the classic red and white look, but really you could create them in any colour or style you like.

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Toadstool Materials

  • Wooden bowl for top of toadstool.
  • Wood branch for stem.
  • Sandpaper to sand bowl.
  • Primer to prime the wooden bowl.
  • Red paint (acrylic or spray paint) and white paint (I used primer instead of white paint).
  • Weather protection such as polyurethane to seal the paint.
  • Wood screw to attach top to branch.
  • Electric drill and bit (optional) for drilling pilot hole in bowl and branch.
  • Small wood saw to cut stem branch to desired length.


How to make garden art toadstools


Toadstool Preparation

  • Sand the wooden bowl to remove any finishes.
  • Prime the bowl. Allow to dry according to directions on can.
  • Cut stem branch to desired length. Allow extra to bury in ground to secure toadstool in place.
  • Paint wooden bowl red. Allow to dry.
  • Add details with white paint. I used the end of a rolled up rag dipped in primer, dabbing it onto the red bowl. You could also use a polka dot stencil.

How to make garden art toadstools

Toadstool Assembly

  • Drill a pilot hole through the middle of the bowl and the top of the branch.
  • Attach top and stem together with a wood screw. Done!
  • Bury the base of the toadstool stem in the ground to hold it securely in place.
  • Add gnomes, toad, and fairy folk as desired.

How to make garden art toadstools

But Wait! There’s More!

After making these garden art toadstools my garden gnome took on a life of his own. See it here…
The secret life of a gnome

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  1. Nancy Blue Moon says

    I have some glass mushrooms to put together this weekend if Mother Nature co-operates and gives me nice weather to work outside..I was thinking of you the other day and the terrible storm and lightening you had recently Melissa..I was sitting here and suddenly heard rain and noise outside..I went out to call my cats to come home and OMG..things were blowing everywhere..our table and umbrella for eating outside went crashing over..I heard loud bangs and pops all around as trees were falling branches crashing down..electric wires coming down..I thought it was a tornado as that was the strongest winds I have seen since I was in a hurricane years ago..Almost half of the tree beside our house was ripped off by wind or lightening..not sure which..The neighbors up above our long driveway had trees and wires back of their big shed two complete trees fell over..roots and all and smashed the shed roof in..all the people who live on top of this ridge had the same sorts of damages..There were 14 of us in this area without power for two days..Crazy scary it was..Just had to tell you this since you just went through the same sort of thing..Hope you’ve got all your damages cleaned up..Anyway..I really like these mushrooms too..those wooden salad bowls are pretty easy to find and I like the look of them sitting on branches..I love the story of how the Gnome found you..sort of a magical tale isn’t it..

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