12+ Ideas For Doors and Windows in the Garden

I love the look of salvaged doors and windows in the garden, especially when something in the junk pile is given a new life. The ideas here come from garden tours and a few are from my own garden. I’ll show you ideas for repurposing thrifted doors and windows plus some others including using stained-glass windows outdoors and mirrored window frames.

If you would like more ideas for garden arbors, trellises, obelisks, and other structures, I’ve got a photo gallery here. Plus, see the window greenhouse I made here (free instructions).

12+ Ideas for using doors and windows in the garden

1. Old doors converted into garden arbor

Doors and windows in the garden - a gallery of ideas

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This door arbor was created by Empress of Dirt reader Dawn and her husband. I think it’s particularly striking with the contrast of the painted doors and stained wooden top rails.

2. Custom garden gate doors with decorative metal inserts

Doors and windows in the garden - a gallery of ideas

This obviously is not a junk find, but it’s a neat idea for defining different areas of the garden where privacy and security are not an issue. Note to self: always make these openings wide enough to fit any standard equipment you may need later.

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3. Picture frame artist easel

Doors and windows in the garden - a gallery of ideas

This idea started popping up in gardens a few years ago: take and old picture frame or window (without glass), a wooden easel, and create an art scene. This one has a floral painting on it but some use the see-through area to show the garden as the art.

4. Stained glass windows in the garden

Stained glass window in the garden - gallery of doors and windows

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This is another smart idea for defining different spaces in the garden plus adding some color and interest.

Using doors and windows in the garden - a gallery of ideas

  5. Mirrored windows in the garden

Mirrored window on side of shed - gallery of garden ideas

If a shed doesn’t have a window, create one with an old window frame and/or some mirrors. Here they’ve added shutters and a flower pot window box.

Mirrored window with window box  - gallery of garden ideas

There’s more on using  mirrors in the garden here.

6. Brightly painted window frame

Using doors and windows in the garden - a gallery of ideas

Paint an old window and use it to add some interest to the garden. Easy!

7. Window frame planted with succulents

Using doors and windows in the garden - a gallery of ideas

Vertical succulent planters have become very popular in recent years. Here an old window frame was used as the main structure.

8. Old window with frosted design

Using doors and windows in the garden - a gallery of ideas

Broken window? No problem. The two remaining glass panes have an etched design to turn it into a garden art piece. You can buy etched window films ready made or make your own (link goes to my affiliate account at Amazon.com) .

9. Plain window on fence

Plain window on fence - gallery of ideas for your garden

Sometimes plain is best. This old window breaks up the monotony of the long wooden fence.

10. Plain window with window box and garden art

Old window frame on fence - gallery of ideas for your garden

Here I used a plain window and dressed it up with a watering can, a moon face, and a window box.

11. Old doors for garden gate

Old doors instead of garden gates - gallery of ideas

This was a favourite idea I saw on a garden tour. Using barn door hardware, they hung two old doors to mark the entrance to the garden. This style allows a nice wide entry point for getting equipment in and out, and the wood definitely adds old charm to an otherwise very modern looking garden.

12. Old door as focal point

Using an old door in the garden - gallery of ideas

This is a really simple way to hide an eyesore in the garden and create a focal point: put a door there. This one is from Empress of Dirt Facebook reader Susan.

13. Old window with shutters

Using an old window and shutters in the garden - gallery of ideas

This is from my garden. The window frame and shutters came from the garbage and thrift shop on a lucky day where the sizes matched perfectly.

14. Old doors on garden deck

Using salvaged doors  in the garden - gallery of ideas

I took this photo on one of my first garden tours. These old salvaged doors launched my own garden junk fever.

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Doors and windows in the garden - a gallery of ideas

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  1. says

    Great ideas! Very, very pretty! You make me wish I were a better gardener! 😉 At least now, I can be a little bit inventive!

  2. Eileen says

    I just loved the barn doors hardware to use old doors at the entrance to the garden. What a great idea! However the ones with the mirrors–beware! I put up a framed mirror on the fence but unfortunately didn’t think about the birds. Several birds whacked into the mirror before I thought it best to remove it.

  3. Diane Thornton says

    I love the barn door hardware idea but think I’d paint the doors with birds or stencil a poem about gardens.

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