More Garden Junk/Art & Accoutrement Ideas

Here’s some ideas for spicing up your garden. The photos are from my garden and other gardens I have toured.

Stone Birdhouses

Want to make a stone birdhouse? Free instructions here.

Tin People

I love these guys. I would love to have a giant version of the guy on the right, all made from reused/reclaimed materials. These ones are about four feet tall, the one I want should be about twelve feet tall:

Old Windows

There’s all sorts of ways to use old windows in the garden:

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  • Put them over raised beds to make cold frames for cold weather veggie growing
  • Attach them together to build a shed or arbour or trellis or greenhouse
  • Mount mirrors behind them
  • Paint or decorate them and hang them from a frame

Here’s one used to simply add interest to a barrel planter:

Firewood and Wicker Baskets

A well-stacked wood pile can be a thing of beauty. I’m trying to do the same thing with extra wood and bricks I keep for future projects in my garden. No need for the supplies to look sloppy.

Old Stone Foundations

This homeowner had moved to her new home from an old farm and wanted to bring her favourite farm touches with her. She had this partial stone wall built with stone from her farm to be reminiscent of an old barn foundation, in lieu of a fence at the side of her yard . It’s very well done and sure beats your standard wooden fence:


While not junk art, this wolf sculpture is quite striking, situated on a large berm with a single planting. Note the wonderful foxtail lilies behind him: they matched the wolf’s expression! If you’re not making your own stuff, it’s always great to support a local artist.

Old Stoves

I have an old stove in my garden. This one is bigger and doubles as a fire pit:

Signs (And a Sense of Humour)

What takes a garden from good to great is both the personal touches that reflect the personality and tastes of the gardener while adapting to the unique characteristics of the property. In this case the gardener is expressing her obvious enjoyment of their swampy pond which doubles as a swimming hole:

Potting Bench With Tile Art

Another functional piece of art, for those of us who loves all-things-garden, is the potting bench or table. I love the tile art above this one and the line up of tools hanging from the front of it. No need to hide tools away when they add to the charm:

Unusual Furniture

Old furniture can find new purpose to add interest to a garden. In this case, the chair looks like a throne from a fairy tale about a crooked person. I love the dove on the side table as well. It’s fun when the scene is completed with the little details that make it seem functional.

Birdfeeder From Old Table Legs

Old legs (from furniture, that is) make great bird feeder posts:

Welded Metal Tool Art

This last one is obviously a professionally done tool art piece. It’s complex and very nicely done. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Viking Man:

For those of you who want ideas for making your own tool art, here’s a closer image where you can see the parts it’s made of:

I love the way the horse shoes are indicative of a rib cage!

I hope this helps dream up some new ways to keep more items out of the landfill. You can always donate them to a thrift shop or turn them into something unique for a garden. And if you can’t do it yourself, think about taking the pieces to an artisan who can complete the idea for you. And while you’re at it, have them make me a giant tin man, please!

Ok, that’s it for now.


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